We are a small local business who buys, sells, and repairs used home appliances. Our goal is keeping the cost of maintenance, repairs and the unfortunate replacement of an appliance as low as possible. Appliances are a necessity in the modern age and just because that is so, doesn't mean you should have to pay an arm and a leg for the upkeep of them. We keep most common parts in stock in our local shop. We do not have a brick and mortar store but customers are always welcome to come take a look at what we have available at any time, we just ask that you call ahead and make sure we are here. We sometimes get busy with deliveries and service calls. We are open to the public 7 days a week, but we do ask that unless its an emergency situation, we try not to do deliveries or schedule any service calls on Sundays, as that is the day we try to spend with our family. We do understand that things happen and appliances need to be fixed ASAP so we keep an open mind when it comes to your situations. Just give us a call! We would love to hear from you! We can fix any problem, big or small and we travel out to the areas the other guys wont for service work and deliveries!

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FAQ about our services

  1. Can your technician call before coming to service my appliance?

 Yes! We want to make contact one final time before arriving to make sure you are home and available for your  appointment. We understand things come up at the last minute which is why we always call beforehand to make  sure. 

        2. Do you charge labor by the hour?

For small jobs, not usually. We like to keep our services as cost effective and competitive as possible. We know  you  dont have to call us, so we do our best to make sure that you choose us the first time, everytime for all your appliance needs

        3. How are your appointments set?

The best way to schedule an appointment is by calling (479) 221-8419 or (479) 462-9505. You can also email us at  superior.appliances.more@gmail.com or by visiting our facebook page at  www.facebook.com/superiorappliances.more

         4.  What kinds of appliances do you repair?

We service all major brands and all household appliances.

         5.  Do you offer weekend service?

Yes. There Is no extra fee for weekend calls. We are happy to service your appliance at your convenience. 

         6.  Do you sell parts?

Yes we do. We have most used, but good parts in stock and can order any new parts or parts we do not currently                   have in stock.

        7.  If you need to order parts, do I need to prepay for the part/service?

Depending on the cost of the part needed, we may need you to pay a small deposit for us to order the part. This               is  only to ensure that once we receive the part, we can schedule another appointment with you and receive the                   rest of the payment for the part. We will not charge you another fee to schedule the second appointment and we               only ask for the deposit as a “good faith” so we don’t have situations where we order expensive parts, then you                   decide to cancel on us and we are stuck with the full cost of the part. 

        8.  Do you offer warranties?

Yes, as with all of our appliance sales, our repair services come with a 30 day warranty in addition to whatever                   warranty the manufacturer offers for the part. There will only be a manufacturer warranty if the part is a NEW                      part  and not used.

        9.  Do you buy/sell new appliances?

Yes, we are all the time looking for appliances that people want to get rid of, whether working or not. We repair                  them   in our local shop and resell them and depending on the condition of the appliance, we will pay for the                       appliance. But   we will still haul off any appliances anyone wants to just get out of their way, free of charge.

        10.  Will I be charged again if a technician has to come back for another appointment due to non stocked parts?

Never. We keep our costs down for several reasons and one being to be able to serve the customer from beginning to        end, whether it takes multiple appointments or not.

        11.  What if I need to cancel?

We understand that things come up or get in the way when it comes to appliance repairs. Maybe you had an  unexpected bill come due or another expense you werent expecting. That’s okay. Just give us a call at (479)221-8419 or  (479)462-9505 and we will be happy to cancel or reschedule you for a later date when it would be more convenient for  you to have us visit.

        12.  When can I expect someone?

We try our best to schedule an appointment with you the same day that you contact us. Because we are a small                   company, we can only do so much so if our schedule is busy, we may have to schedule for another day but for the            most   part, we can get to you within 48 hours.

        13.   Is the service call fee deducted from the repair bill?

If the repair is going to be costly, we will deduct the service call fee from the total amount due from the service.               Again, we do everything possible to make sure we get your business again in the future so we keep the cost as low               as   possible and have friendly, professional technicians doing our service work.

        14. What payment methods can I use to pay for the service?

 We accept cash, checks from a local bank (no temporary checks please), and have recently setup our system to where        we can accept all major credit cards as well as paypal. Cashiers check and money orders are also acceptable forms                of   payment.

        15.  Do you repair gas appliances?

Unfortunately, due to insurance purposes, we cannot service gas appliances. There Is too much of a liability on our  end, so it is not allowed for us to service gas appliances. All of the gas or propane appliances we sell are sold AS IS with  no warranty. We also cannot install the gas or propane appliances that we sell. We can deliver them, but that is the           extent of what we can do.

        16. Do you make emergency calls after hours?

YES! We are normal people too. We understand things happen when we least expect it. We are happy to service your        appliance at your convenience, whether its late at night, or early in the morning. There is also no extra charge for after        hours calls.

        17. Do you offer maintenance contracts for landlords or apartment complexes?

YES! We would love to sit down and discuss the details of your needs. We are also landlords ourselves and know how           frustrating it can be when something breaks down. Especially when you have so much other things to do. Call us                   today  and let us show you that those worries can be a thing of the past. 




Fun Facts

  1. A quarter of the US water supply is consumed by washing machines. 
  2. The original meaning to the word "stove" actually meant a heated room
  3. All of the refrigerators in the US use as much energy as over 2 dozen power plants
  4. A toaster uses half as much energy as a full sized oven
  5. The first food to be cooked in a microwave was popcorn


When shopping online how do u prefer to pay?

paypal 1 50%

Total votes: 2


what is most important to you when buying an appliance?

cost 3 25%
brand 1 8%
reviews 7 58%
warranty 1 8%

Total votes: 12

We love to have fun while we are out doing deliveries or service calls. Sometimes you may even see us in our church clothes at a customers house!We love to have fun while we are out on our deliveries or service calls. And even though we try to reserve Sundays for family, we have been known to be spotted in our church clothes, lying on the floor of a customers garage fixing their washer. We love our job and our wonderful customers so we dont sweat the small stuff!